Audio Visual Rooms

Conference room

Audio visual rooms come in a variety of shapes, such as training rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms. Your needs for an audio visual room can vary and we are able to provide a wide range of solutions to fit. Whether you just need a projector for your training room or you need to hire equipment for an upcoming visit from a foreign based VIP, we can tailor a solution for you. If it’s an hour long training session with a small local group or if your CEO is in town to make a major announcement, the most important thing for you is that your equipment is reliable and will, when required perform to a high standard.

We supply a large range of Audio Visual equipment such as:

  • Projectors – portable and fixed, suitable for large and small rooms
  • Portable screens and discreet built in screens
  • Replacement Lamps
  • Rental of Conference Room Equipment to suit one off conferences and presentations
  • Including  roaming  microphones, projectors, screens and amplifiers

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