Interactive Solutions

Teacher And Whiteboard.

Interactive Whiteboards allow the computer to become a shared resource for all pupils. They reduce the need for pupils to gather around small screens and therefore allow the whole class to participate interactively without space constraints. Interactive Whiteboards allow all pupils to access all of the material from their seats. Interactive whiteboards allow all types of learners to be engaged with the lesson, learners can use the touch function of the board and this allows interesting interaction with the whole class.  The power of the interactive whiteboard lies in its ability to engage students. Connectivity to the internet allows questions to be answered in real-time. Pupils can react to the material and receive instant feedback on how they are performing.  Discussions and lessons can be saved to be re-used at a later date and to assist students with their revision.

Avec has acquired extensive knowledge of end-user requirements within educational institutions and corporate businesses. We also have gained experience over many years installing and servicing interactive whiteboards. AVEC technicians through training are regularly updating their skills in this area of fast moving technology.

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