Room Control System

man presses button on screen control of equipment for telecom.Have you seen the remote control?  This is a question you do not want to be asking 5 minutes before an important presentation!

Room Control systems allow multiple technologies to be controlled from one device, this means that you are no longer spending time searching for all of the gadgets that control all of the technological devices in the room.

Password locking on the control panel also allows for better security.  Room Control Panels can be set to turn off devices if they have not been used for a specified period.  A room control panel is your one stop shop for managing all of the devices in the room, this will increase efficiency within your organisation.

Avec are happy to advise you on equipment suitable for your needs.  As these products vary, we can consult with you to match the products to your needs.  We can supply the following equipment:

  • Room Control Panels, remote controls, lighting keypads and blinds
  • Meeting/Conference/Training Rooms control panels for  lighting , AV equipment and computer

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